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What Makes Us Different


We offer original, efficient, and compliant services to meet your custom packaging and labeling needs.


Make all your labels look eye-catching and brand new, while ensuring total regulatory compliance.


We deliver supplement bottling, warehousing, and drop-shipping directly for a seamless experience.
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Atofil is a Florida-based co-packing and white-labeling supplement and capsule company dedicated to providing customers a complete bottling line solution. We offer quality supplement packaging, labeling and bottling services for companies across the U.S. and abroad.

As a packaging company specializing in supplement powder and capsule packaging, we guarantee original, efficiently designed, and compliant co-packing solutions for all your supplement bottling requirements. We fulfill any size order to meet our customers’ needs.

Atofil inspects all products daily with state-of-the-art monitoring systems and safeguarding processes. We focus on research and development with experienced personnel, as well as industry veterans and vendors, to achieve the highest quality nutraceutical and supplement packaging and products.

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